Once Internet network traffic leaves the boundaries of the corporate WAN, IT has little control over how it gets to its destination and no visibility into any problems faced en route. This has made it difficult to trust critical business processes to the cloud, even as pressure grows to take advantage of the cost savings of IaaS or the functionality of SaaS applications.

Talari's WAN cloud solution extends the reach of the corporate WAN into the cloud, making it possible to control, manage and have visibility into the connection between a company's data center, physical locations, private cloud instances, and public cloud instances. With Talari's software defined WAN Cloud solution, the connection to the cloud is composed of two or more aggregated links and each path is constantly measured and assessed in each direction for availability and quality. Using this information, Talari's WAN cloud solution directs each packet down the best path to ensure that application quality is maximized, that applications and content are always available regardless of any single network failure, and that any issues in performance can be easily identified as network related or not.

Benefits of Talari's WAN Cloud Solution


If there is a failure or quality issue on the connection from any location to the cloud, traffic will automatically be moved to a higher quality available path. Because this behavior isn't depended on routing protocols, the failover occurs almost instantly and no sessions are interrupted.


Data sent to and from the cloud across public links is encrypted using either 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption. Additional security features are available to ensure that data can not be interpreted or compromised. A single session of data can be split among two or more links, making reassembly virtually impossible.


Every link between each location and the cloud is monitored and measured using real traffic, not probes or pings. This collected data is aggregated and available in management screens and reports. This data can allow IT staff to quickly determine whether a performance issue is due to network provider or cloud provider issues. With a WAN cloud solution from Talari, each type of application is MOS-scored as it transits the network to the cloud so it's easy to see at a glance what quality each type of application received.


Turn on Talari in the cloud in minutes and use it on an hourly basis to support on-demand or intermittently used cloud applications. And with built-in rate limiting, it can prevent surprise bandwidth usage bills caused by unexpected traffic spikes.


With a WAN cloud solution from Talari, company priorities can be enforced on cloud traffic, so that if congestion occurs or traffic is being rate-limited the most important applications receive priority on the network.


With Talari, the connection to the cloud is treated like any WAN link. This means that the configuration can be done via Talari's graphical management interface and that settings and configuration can be the same throughout the WAN. And because of Talari's security, there is no need to separately provision VPNs.


Talari's WAN to cloud solution can dynamically build encrypted connections over public Internet links to the cloud from any location as traffic demand exceeds user-defined thresholds. This makes configuration easy while ensuring that each location get the best possible cloud experience.