Our Passion and Commitment to our Customers

Talari’s comprehensive support packages ensure that customers can easily deploy and maintain their SD-WAN. Services include dedicated technical support from both field and factory engineers, as well as Web-based software distribution via a support portal and rapid e-mail or phone response to technical issues. This helps customers and partners quickly and easily use, manage, and troubleshoot Talari products.

Going above and beyond: Providing help even when Talari isn’t the issue

One of the biggest factors that separates Talari from others in the industry is the fact that customers can trust Talari’s support team to help them regardless of the source of the problem. As much as 20 percent of requests to the support team are not Talari-related at all. The support team will still answer clients’ questions and provide assistance even when Talari’s solutions aren’t at fault. And because a team member is constantly available, customers are never waiting an extended period of time for a response.

Hardware Services

The Talari family of hardware appliances come with a limited out-of-the-box warranty, for a total of three years from the date of purchase. In the event of a hardware failure, if the appliance is covered by the Support Agreement and/or is under warranty, it may be shipped to Talari for replacement or repair.

Software Maintenance

All Talari support plans include a subscription for both maintenance and feature update releases. With this software subscription, you always have access to the latest and greatest in product functionality, and will be notified electronically of any available software updates. All software updates, release notes, and technical documentation can be easily downloaded from Talari’s Support Portal.