411Cast with SI Group’s CIO – May 2018

In this Webinar get a CIO’s perspective of Failsafe SD-WAN. Listen as SI Group CIO – Allen Look, Talari Co-Founder – Andy Gottlieb, and Talari CEO – Patrick Sweeney discuss how SI Group and other organizations have benefited from the original innovator of Failsafe™ SD-WAN technology.

    This Talari 411Cast is must-see event if you’re in search of:

  • MPLS-class reliability and predictable application performance for both hybrid WANs and all-Internet WANs exclusively based on . . .
  • Continuous, unidirectional, per-packet measurement of all traffic on all possible paths between locations
  • Intelligent per-packet forwarding, error-correction and sub-second response to network problems that occur second-by-second
  • Resiliency and redundancy not just for link or device failures, but even congestion-based packet loss and jitter that frequently occur on Internet-shared WANs