The 2017 Guide to WAN Architecture and Design

For the first time in well over a decade, the wired WAN is the focus of considerable innovation, which is leading to the deployment of a wide range of new WAN-related products and services. In addition, the WAN needs to support a new set of requirements such as providing connectivity to a growing number of mobile workers and public cloud providers, as well as for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The primary goals of the 2017 Guide to WAN Architecture and Design (The Guide) are to provide key information for enterprise network organizations about the emerging alternatives to the traditional approaches of WAN architecture, management and security, and to help them understand the key differences in those alternatives.

In addition, this document also contains the description of a hypothetical company called NeedsToChange and Talari’s recommendations for the company to evolve its WAN by implementing an SD-WAN solution.

Download this guide to learn more about:

  • Insight into the current state of the WAN
  • Alternatives to the traditional approaches to WAN architecture
  • Key WAN management and security considerations
  • Talari’s unique approach to solving WAN challenges