Applications Performance Report by Broadband-Testing: Talari SD-WAN Delivers Measurable Benefits

SD-WANs promise to improve network reliability, lower costs and deliver a superior user experience for VoIP, web applications, VDI, file transfers and more. To vet the claims of SD-WANs in the real world, Broadband-Testing created a global test bed with a Talari SD-WAN.

The independent testing revealed that a Talari SD-WAN delivered:

  • Resiliency in the face of typical Internet and WAN link problems
  • Flawless performance for VoIP and Citrix VDI, despite connection loss, jitter and latency
  • Clear visibility into WAN conduits and ability to drill down into specific data performance at will

Download the test report to see how Talari SD-WAN optimized real-time interactive and bulk applications and provides a superior alternative for WAN connectivity.