Business and Performance Analysis of Software Defined WAN by Benevis, a Leading Healthcare Managed Services Provider

Benevis, is a leading healthcare practice management company, providing non-clinical support to over 130 dental offices nationwide. Kool Smiles, one of the largest networks of dental clinics serving pediatric patients in the US, depends upon Benevis to provide IT support services, including VoIP phone and data network connectivity.

With an award-winning thin-client network architecture, and the world’s single largest digital database of dental images, maintaining connectivity to clinics is essential. The network supports a medium-sized (100+ seats) bilingual call center that includes both centralized and virtual agents handling calls for multiple brands in a seamless blended (inbound/outbound) environment. Patient histories, dental charts, appointments, insurance and payment information all need to be accessible in real-time in order to make appropriate treatment decisions and ensure the provision of efficient, quality care.

The cost of network downtime is measured in hundreds of dollars per hour, not to mention staff aggravation and patient dissatisfaction/defection. Therefore, maintaining a reliable and high-performance network is of paramount importance to the business. See how the implementation of a software defined WAN decreased costs while improving network performance, availability and reliability for the business.