Digital Business Agility Enabled by IT WAN-Edge Resiliency

Today, virtually everything in business is becoming digitally enabled, and enterprise WANs are a driving force for this enablement.

Enterprise WANs must rapidly evolve if companies are to succeed in today’s competitive and demanding market. This requires them to be more cost-efficient, with greater agility, reliability, security and performance; and support open and diverse networking and cloud technologies.

Talari SD-WAN helps lower costs, simplify management, secure networks and applications, and elevate network and application reliability. The Talari SDWAN utilizes its Adaptive Path Networking (APN) WAN technology and network performance management software for failsafe connectivity. Creating a virtual network overlay, Talari takes advantage of all available WAN connections, while centralizing control of, and visibility into, the entire SD-WAN.

Talari SD-WAN elements include a central orchestration controller, Talari Aware centralized management, and edge appliances (physical or virtual) that scale to meet the needs of cloud services, data centers, branch offices and home offices.

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• What do Enterprises need in this increasingly digital controlled world.
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