How to Simplify Your Branch Office Infrastructure

The branch office infrastructure is undergoing a major change, and IT is under pressure to deliver access with improved quality of experience to an emerging set of applications that exist in a variety of locations, such as the cloud. The deployment of these applications is increasing the types and number of required branch services resulting in added complexity, reduced flexibility, and higher support cost. While branch services and complexity are increasing, the required technical skills available in the branch to support the new infrastructure is frequently lacking or non-existent.

This branch service proliferation can have a substantial impact on how an organization designs their next generation branch infrastructure. Insights into this topic as well as a discussion of the specific challenges that need to be addressed, and how a Talari branch office simplification (BOS) solution allows IT to deliver the services required to meet user’s expectations, corporate compliance and budget limitations are key subjects that will be reviewed.

Download this Whitepaper to learn:

  • What factors are driving enterprises to deploy incremental services in the branch
  • The challenges being introduced by Internet connectivity and cloud-based applications
  • The Talari solution for complex branch office infrastructure
  • Deployment scenarios including Hybrid WAN, Cloud Access, WAN and LAN routers, Firewalls, and more!