Path vs. Session White Paper

Talari QoS: session layer, path layer, WAN link
Intelligence (1+1+1=6)

Using path-layer intelligence, Talari instruments and monitors
every packet at the path level. By continually detecting,
measuring and analyzing the WAN path for each packet,
regardless of sessions, the path can be adjusted after
seeing trends in as little as 2 or 3 packets. Talari is able to
accomplish this technique by receiving a packet on a path
every few microseconds (not milliseconds).

Talari also utilizes session-layer intelligence to buffer and
monitor each session and adjust sessions according to
bandwidth availability without impacting end users. Talari
also accounts for path independence in factoring its WANpath

Talari WAN-link intelligence provides first- and last milebandwidth
and congestion monitoring to provide insights
into link characteristics and dynamic conditions that
cause latency, jitter and packet loss. Based on a complete
understanding of link characteristics, conditions and policies,
Talari enforces policies on the packet transition process
and moves packets to better performing links – in a fraction
of a second.

So when network conditions change, Talari discerns those
change quickly, adjusting sessions to use the network
differently. Combining session layer, path layer and WAN link
intelligence with QoS, delivers packets – and therefore users
– first class accommodations so that application responses
are fast, secure and reliable.