Take the Frustration Out of VDI

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a real-time, latency sensitive application that can be a headache for IT if the network is not ready for it. Today’s workers want anywhere, anytime access to applications and information and VDI is a tool that can meet this need. But with VDI’s many benefits come the challenges of this latency-sensitive application. Networks with packet loss, jitter and congestion can have a dramatic impact on users’ VDI experience, causing frustration and lost productivity. Fortunately, there’s a way to ensure your network delivers the SLAs this application requires.

Download the whitepaper to discover five key ways a Talari Software Defined WAN can elevate the VDI user experience by:

  • Delivering a superior VDI experience and improving application performance with resilient multi path connectivity
  • Minimizing VDI session distortions with packet loss mitigation
  • Improving VDI resiliency and session quality with packet duplication
  • Adding power where and when it’s needed with bandwidth augmentation
  • Keeping VDI traffic flowing seamlessly with dynamic bandwidth management

Learn how making your network smart with Talari can deliver a superior VDI experience.